About Us

GPM TITAN INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1991 by a determined and experienced couple who wanted to perpetuate Romanian skill and knowledge in the field of machine tool building industry: Mr. Mike Stoica and Mrs. Marieta Stoica.

With his wide knowledge and over 40 years expertise in the design and construction of the machine tools, Mr. Mike Stoica dedicated his activity not only to the technical development of the Company, but to the promotion of our machine-tools all over the world, as well.

Mrs. Marieta has been and still is the engine of the company, running it with the same drive as at the start up. She is specialized in Foreign Trade and she has a solid background in Economics.

Through their vision, they attracted companies specialized in mechanical, hydraulic, electric and CNC design to collaborate with and they gathered qualified people in manufacturing, modernizing and overhauling of the machine-tools.

Thus, GPM TITAN INTERNATIONAL has been delivering solid and reliable machine-tools highly appreciated by the end-users.

The machine-tools made by GPM TITAN INTERNATIONAL incorporate electric, hydraulic, electronic components produced by well-known suppliers from Europe, USA and Japan.

Over the last 30 years, GPM TITAN INTERNATIONAL exported machine-tools to countries from all continents: USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Greece, Singapore, China, New Zealand and Middle East.

We have also delivered a great number of machines to Romanian companies, some of them specialized in the production of equipment for the aeronautical field.

Gpm Titan


High quality high performance machine tools

gpm titan masini unelte


with or without live spindle with table diameter within 1200 mm and 3000 mm

Strunguri carusel cu CNC culisa de strunjire si magazin de scule

CNC Vertical Lathes – TVL CNC/ATC series

with Ram Type Turning Head and Automatic Tool Changer

Strung carusel cu cap revolver

Vertical Lathes – seria TVL DRO/ST

with Turret Head

Strunguri carusel cu CNC cu cap de lucru pentru strunjire si frezare si magazin de scule

CNC Vertical Turning and Milling Machine - TVB-LS CNC/ATC Series

with live spindle and Automatic Tool Changer

Masini orizontale de alezat si frezat cu CNC sau DRO


table type or floor type, with spindle diameter within 85 (90) mm and 130 mm

Masini de alezat si frezat cu CNC sau DRO cu masa mobile tip AF si AFD

CNC or DRO Horizontal Boring and Milling Machines – AF and AFD series

Table type

Masini de Alezat si Frezat cu CNC cu montant mobil AFC - seria AFC CNC

CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine AFC CNC - series

Floor type

Masini de frezat longitudinal cu portal


with fixed portal or gantry type

The machine tools we produce and sell are equipped with:

gpm titan
  • Lubrication components manufactured by „I.L.C.” or „DROPSA” Italy
  • Hydraulic components manufactured by „ATOS” Italy or „BOSCH REXROTH” Germany; “ARGO-HYTOS” Czech Republic , “BREVINI FLUID POWER” Italy and others European manufacturers
  • Electric components from „SIEMENS”, „SCHNEIDER”, “EATON”
  • Electric drives made by „FANUC” or „SIEMENS”;
  • CNC equipment made by „FANUC”, „SIEMENS „HEIDENHAIN” or digital read-out made by „NEWALL” or „HEIDENHAIN”.
  • Measuring systems made by „NEWALL” or „HEIDENHAIN”.


We are also involved in the maintenance, repair, reconditioning and modernization of machine tools - and we offer such services, based on the professionalism of our technicians and designers.

Our experience is the solid foundation on which we base our worldwide delivery program of competitive, quality and reliable machine tools.


Why us?

Because we offer an increasingly wide range of machine tools, made by increasingly qualified specialists, at increasingly higher quality levels - this is what we offer companies specializing in machine tools in Romania, USA, Great Britain, Canada, BeneLux, Southeast Asia, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Australia etc.


Unites States of America

Many conventional Horizontal Boring and Milling Machines AFD 105, out of which four are operating in Maintenance Workshops of one of the Major Shipyards; CNC Vertical Lathes TVL 12/1400 CNC/ATC type to one important producer of jet engine components in Florida; one Vertical Turning and Milling Machine TVB-LS 2500/2650 CNC ATC


14 CNC Vertical Turning Lathes TVL 12/1400 CNC/ATC type delivered to a manufacturer of jet enginecomponents in Bucharest (one of the Vertical Lathes is special designed for hosting Capto tools);

one CNC Vertical Lathe TVL 20/2150 CNC/ST to one gear manufacturer;

Several modernizations of heavy machine-tools at POPECI Utilaj Greu


One CNC Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine AF 127 HLX CNC ATC 40 type to a famous Research Institute in Newfoundland, Canada


One CNC Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine AFC 130 HLX CNC ATC 40 type to a major manufacturer Germany


6 CNC Vertical Lathes (turning only and turning and milling) of various sizes and one CNC Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine AFD 105 CNC type


Two CNC Vertical Lathes TVL 1200/1400 CNC/ATC type with Capto 5 tools and one CNC Vertical Turning and Boring Machine TVB-LS 4500/5250 CNC/ATC type

and more...


VAT: 408914

Registration.: J40/10074/1991


Blvd. 1 Decembrie 1918 nr 1G,

RO-032451 Bucuresti, Romania

Phone: +4021 255 4741

Fax: +4021 255 4738

E-mail: office@gpmtitan.ro